Kanna/Sceletium extract (Bushmans coke)anti-depressant snuff,tea,orally consumed


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As we have a very large selection of products we are only able to list a few here but we will be updating this page regularly. If you have any specific needs please feel free to contact us. All of our natural products have healing properties which are administered for specific needs. If you have an ailment,just want more energy or are looking for a healthy alternative to modern medicine please contact us to arrange a consultation.

One of our most successful products is our Sceletium/Kanna . This comes in raw, snuff,  extract and honey pots. Sceletium /Kaanna has many medicinal properties and is used to treat depression, drug addiction, anxiety and stress just to name a few. For many years it has been used as a very successful substitute to modern medicines with no side effects.It also boost seratonin and aids the balanced release there of improving wellbeing.



KANNA HONEYPOTS in 4 varieties,


Kanna/Sceletium +Cacao nibs

Kanna/Sceletium +Hoodia extract

Kanna/Sceletium +Moringa


If you a lover of Raw honey we stock several types from different regions produced from pollen of various plants herbs and trees.

 Salvia D extract


We have many other products including bulk honey sales Bulk Olive Oil (Non certified Organic),raw salt bulk ,Buchu Water also available in bulk most of the other products are also available in mass quantity just enquire if you need something and your not sure if we do stock it.

Our products are
Wild harvested,
Certified Organic
Non-certified Organic
chemical free
no additives
no preservatives
you may enquire as we source the best products nature has to offer naturally…


Natural organic non-iodated sea salt available…a dietary supplement as it contains vital nutrients which iodated salt doesnt contains for prices/more info contact us…

We also stock certain plants and cuttings enquire with us for list.
Our plant food is also available for indoor and outdoor plants


Stoned Pipes and Chillums 

Handcrafted African stone pipes and chillums ranging from one hitters to big bowls for you and crew to fulljoy…

Get stoned the original Bushdoctorz way…
Dab Rigs 

Silicone mini dab rig with titanium head

plus dab tool

and Burner 

Full glass “dab “rigs available 

Stretch tents made to order as well,including bamboo poles and pegs and ropes.


RED,GOLD,GREEN VELOUR STRETCH TENT 7 m ×10 m with bamboo poles.


You decide what shape you need when your setting up ,according to weather/your preference to let sunlight in or create shade for privacy or just for fun…You can choose your own colour scheme and we will teach you how to set up as well.

Thanks for you time keep checking in as we update our product list regularly.


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