Knysna Rastafari Community raided

Today in Knysna police robbing Rastafari community of their rights to freedom of Culture and access to medicine while South African health system is crumbling,patients dying daily of Cancer and other ailments Western meds are ineffective at treating…

Even after High Court in Western Cape has declared this type of behaviour illegal as it abuses the right of privacy of Adults the abuse against herb users continous

So many officers for a plant that heals so many, yet South African Government are working with Cannabis as medicine its hipocracy mixed with red tape to fool the people and instill fear into the masses so that Pharmaceutical companys like Tilrays can come sell us Canadian grown cannabis where small time (medical/recreational)cultivators are being arrested and the Corporations are cashing in…

Time to stand up and fight for Cannabis to be made free like any other fruit/veg with proper education in place to teach the safest methods of cultivation and medicine usages…
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