.The Bushdoctorz Headshop

Stoned pipes / Glass Bongz/Glass Dab Rigs /titanium dab nails/glass pipes rolling papers and more …

Om Eye medication bong

eye catching beauty that will have everyone wanting to meditate and medicate with you…

Medicine leaf Glass Bong

easy to clean 

classic design 


Glow in the Dank bong (glow in dark)

green veins glow in dark

thick base and stem 

The Master Blaster 

full glass

 double perculator

two tone 

glass nail

deluxe dab rig

deluxe glass dab rig 


titanium dab nail

ice bong 

can be fitted with glass bong head (optional extra)

Blue dream

Two tone colour

Full glass

Titanium “dab”nail

thesspieces are used to fit into dab bongs,

these are the heads use to consume Concentrates (“Dab”,Wax ,shatter etc .

fits into a dab rig 

Stoned chillum (mini)

We will be updating this page regularly as we have much more instock…

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