.Raw Honey 

We have :

Raw Fynbos: Great honey to aid health as it from fynbos which consists of a myriad of herbs. (origin Western Cape)

Raw Wildflower: Amazing  in teas also on pancakes/spread (origin Western Cape)

Wildflower with a hint of Orange blossom: Add to tea/ use a sweetener to sooth sore dry throat  (origin W.Cape)

Bushveld Raw Honey,collected  from Limpopo (origin Northern Province )
Raw Wild Honey from Zambia (sourced from natural hives not conventional boxes) Dark rich medicinal honey with a pungant taste…from wild swarms

Creamed honey now also in stock in:




Minimum order is 5kg*  (e.g 1kg of each/whatever your preference is )

Exceptions * Bushdoctorz supporters who purchase monthly and herbal aid members: 500ml glass jars of honey can be added to your regular monthly deliveries

if you require bigger amounts i.e bulk honey please send us an email @


We are bee-keepers and educators on caring for bees naturally…

Our honey is raw, untreated (not heated) and as pure as when it was harvested.

Honey in this pure state is medicine and is a neccesity in all health conscious homes as it can be used as a sweetener (providing nutrients) in teas/as a wound treatment/or even to brush your teeth …

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