Our aim “to heal the nation”. We offer a wide variety of services:

We are busy with community social uplifting work,the community we currently live in has a lack of basic human amenities,running water,sewage,refuse removal,food,to name a few.Join us to improve living conditions for human beings forced to live in subhuman conditions by ”landowners”. If you are able to help in any way please contact us there are many things that you can do to help uplift our community.

We offer individual consultations where we are able to diagnose ailments and prescribe the correct medicines. Our traditional healing methods are based on the principle that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle we all need to live in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings this is combined with our extensive knowledge on traditional healing medicines to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We have years of experience and training with home birthing this includes our own family and patients. We provide fertility treatments for both male and female as well as home birthing training and facilitating. Please feel free to contact us regarding these services or with any queries you may have. We come highly recommended.We also are experts in organic landscaping and setup small gardens and manage farms organically and offer training in food gardening,organic animal husbandry,bee-keeping and alternate lifestyles.

Our products are available from many outlets in the Western Cape so if you are not able to travel to us please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a delivery.We are currently working with a community on the Cape flats with many children with a lack of proper role ¬†models where guns and drugs are the norm.We are currently setting up food gardens in family backyards and cleaning up a rubbish tip for more space for our kids to be kids…(organic jungle jim , fruit trees, space for animals:we have goats in this project and a sandpit)if you would like to volunteer time love and energy or have some goods,cash or services to share with your fellow man please contact  


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